Industrial Design


When I'm not in the office making master plans to conquer the world, you might find me outside skiing, biking or just reading a book.


A part of Apropos Design

Apropos Design was formed an (rear) Norwegian hot summer day in 2015. I was done with my master in Industrial Design, and ready to take on new challenges. It didn't take long before me, Øystein and Marius decided to put our heads together to take on bigger projects than we could on our own. Our first paid job was the moving of three plants. But it evolved quickly into more design related topics. 

Knowing each other from the Institute of Design at NTNU, I knew we would complete each others skills in a good way. We soon had more projects coming our way, and we continued the work over the following year. 

This year we have built furniture, teached students at Høyskolen Christiania about Interaction Design and secondary school kids about design thinking. Currently we're working on a service design project to improve elderly care in a Norwegian municipality.

When time allows it I work on other projects, like joining and building startups, mostly formed by the eager to do something that could make someones day better, and to develop my skills as a designer.